I don’t know about you Ms Fox, I was brought up in the middle of second wave feminism. Betty Friedan published her book, The Feminine Mystique in February 1963 about how well off woman had been forced into the role of housewives and mothers. A young women’s role in that era was to be attractive to find and keep a good husband provider. At the same time in poorer families, women had to work to support the family. Ms Friedan advocated for woman to have jobs and follow their ambitions instead of living their lives through their husband and children. On the hand, many of these over worked men, dropped dead 2-3 years after their retirement party.

By 1971, Helen Reddy, a popular singer, sang

I am woman, hear me roar

In numbers too big to ignore…

I am woman

I am invincible

I am strong

I am woman …

Fast forward to 2020 we are in the era misandry. Men are considered toxic and brutish. These boys who are in their teens are being told that their emotions are wrong that need to be more like woman. They have heard the wrong things from the males in their life. They are somehow lacking for being male. Sound familiar? That’s the generation of men we are raising.


“Woman are willing to share their problems, men tend to bottle them up. “ Men would prefer a little less sharing. Men want you to be happy, you know happy wife, happy life. So we listen. When men share their problems its usually a short conversation since woman don’t want us to be complaining. We are told to toughen up. And usually men soon get interrupted with her problems. An experienced male in a relationship knows not to share his personal feelings.

Modern feminism isn’t bringing anything new to the conversation but feminists seem to believe it’s new information, it’s not. We have heard the same thing since the 1960’s.

We have plenty of things that are real and need our attention. Inner cities school are very poor for the most part and need our help. College education has become unaffordable and is putting millions in debt just when they are forming new families. The big cities have become murder and shooting centers. The list goes on…

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