I am not argumentative when I ask this, would you please like to give me a definition for Systemic Racial ? Before the Civil War for example certain blacks were legally property and retained to work as slaves. After the Civil War blacks although freed from slavery were physically prevented from registering to vote. That nonsense was eliminated with the 1960's Civil Rights laws.

Today all whites in general are accused of secretly, unconsciously being racist and preventing blacks from getting their fair share of opportunities. As far as I know there are no laws at the state or federal level preventing blacks from equal opportunity. On the contrary there are strict laws preventing discrimination based on color.

I can't read minds few people can. Is Systemic Racism something people are thinking ? You may tell me I am not black so I can't understand what Systemic Racism is, I would trust you that believe what you believe. Your thoughts are yours to have.

You may use the example of the police killing, About 400 whites were killed by police in 2019, about 300 blacks. Blacks are 13% of the population, whites about 70%. Is it Systemic Racism because more blacks are killed proportionally by police ?

How about voting, that's in the news a lot. Apparently blacks are prevented from voting because they don't have an ID. What kind of a person doesn't have an ID these days ? You need an ID to function in society and by the way they are free to get from a state agency. Is voting inconvenient, perhaps it is, is that a good reason not to vote?

Is Systemic Racism a daily dose of whites insulting blacks on a daily basis. I haven't seen that in my area but it may be happening elsewhere.

Systemic Racism has become a phrase that has been used as a catchall for a number of things without any real meaning. Like it's Systemic Racism because I say it is. It's a concept without a reality. A weapon without a form. A convenient expression to describe everything that's wrong in America.

I am open to a definition of Systemic Racism hopefully so it can be prevented.

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