I agree with you 100%. That was my career and I am glad it’s over. The money is good when you are working but there are interruptions when projects get cut in big companies or small companies collapse. Your skills are always deteriorating over time. You have to spend your free time reinventing yourself. I cringe when I hear about advocates who want young women to get interested in programming. Unless you would do programming for free, it’s not for you.

Projects follow three phases. Lots of meeting and not much going in first 1/3. Some coding and discovery in the second third. The last 1/3 you don’t see your family because you’re working 60 + hour weeks. You have 11 PM meeting with exhausted people in other time zones. The project is always late and rushed. Coding standards are side tracked and beta quality code is released to production. Everything gets fixed in the next release.

Fun huh?

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