Feminism has reached it’s own logical conclusion. To be a proper modern woman it means you ran up a lot of debt for an education getting you locked into a cycle of working hard to pay off that debt. You have a good job and some financial stability but nobody really cares especially a potential partner. The feminist dogma trashes men, talks consistently about the oppression of the patriarchy and tells you how lucky you are to have a job. Men struggle with feminism because men are not misbehaving women. They don’t need to be retrained like puppy dogs. Men are tired of the battle and have often chosen to be alone.

Our mothers and grandmothers had husbands that supported them, respect in the community just for being a “good mother" and a lasting legacy for raising human beings. Once the kids were in school they had time to themselves for hobbies and time with other women in the community.

I not saying we need to go back to that. But feminist movement as it’s currently defined isn’t working for the average woman. She is married to her job and her husband only cares about her productivity and can toss her out anytime without notice. Having a good job is something you do for money, it’s only part of the picture. It’s sad that many woman have strived for a good education and therefore a good job and feel empty inside.

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