Dr. Biden has a right to be called doctor. She earned it. Calling a person Dr. without a medical background is generally thought of pretentious no matter the sex. Dr. Biden has chosen to make herself better than the rest of us. Sounds like I have a personal problem but I am not the only one.

The President or Spouse of President should appear to be one of People. That’s how our system works. Most people outside of academia either don’t need or have an opportunity to get a PhD. I worked at Apple and dont remember ever meeting a Dr . Yet my coworkers were some of the smartest and hardworking people in the world without exaggeration.

What’s really troubling is Jeffrey Epstien was canceled for expressing his opinion. He was removed from the Northwestern web site. One of best attributes about being an American is freedom of speech. The first amendment doesn’t say speech I don’t like is not allowed. There is good reason for that. The battle of ideas is so vital to the health of the nation.

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