Don’t you think bigger companies would get in alot of trouble for paying women less than men in equivalent jobs ?

The reason women get paid less is because they choose to take less risky jobs that pay less. How many women do you see in construction or highway maintenance. One in ten, one in twenty? According to bureau of labor statistics (BLS) 95% of workplace deaths are male.

Women choose to work less hours. Household surveys document woman work less than 40 hours a week and men work more than 40. I know this is controversial but woman take time off to raise their families. Yes I know woman don’t get paid to raise a family. Generally for lower middle class and the poor childcare is too expensive.

If you look at the household surveys you would see that see that woman are employed less and are in professions like education and health care that simply pay less. There is a pay gap but it’s not because women get paid less in equivalent jobs.

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