CovidIdiots, selfish, anti-intellects or whatever name you can come up with ? As usual the answer is more complicated than that


1. Lack of access real or perceived

2. Not a threat

You know young people feel it can't happen to them

3. Afraid of Side effects

As usual every drug or procedure has side effects and people are afraid

4. Lack of Trust of effectiveness

Only recently has only one vaccine been approved after millions of us have been experimented upon.

5. Lack of Trust in Institutions

How many have died because of misinformation from news outlets more interested in rating than truth ?

6. Conspiracy theories

We love our conspiracy theories. The drug companies got together and ...

65 + are over 80% + vaccinated, about the same percentage of those who have died. About 50% of the public are fully vaccinated.

Why isn't everybody vaccinated ?

The answer is ... it's complicated.

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