Beware of the Hairy Beast who seeks companionship with the innocent damsel. Armed with a secret copy of the Code this beast will find loopholes in the Code to have his toxic way. Without alerting the others holding the Code, the hairy invader takes what is his and leaves nothing behind.

We know his kind. Selfish, single purposed and energized by the Patriarchy. He calls upon his every ready Police to break through the Code and have his selfish way. There is nothing good about this Beast. There is nothing to gain, no reason to lower your armor. Stay behind the castle walls, Be Safe.

That sense of loneliness, that need to be with another human being is a lie. Fight the lie, stand your ground. Be brave, the Hairy Beast will see through the Code and leave you behind.

Stick with the Code, your sisters support you. Fight the lie, fight the Beast. All the Hairy Beasts are the same. Recite the Canon, know the words. Support the Code at all costs to your soul. Carry the shield, prevent the Hairy Beast from getting too close. Extinguish the gaslight before it is allowed to set fire to the structure of the Code.

The Hairy Beast roams the home of Academia. He smells fresh prey. They study the Code, they know the Code. New students don’t know the Code. They need to have time to learn the Code and adopt the Code to prevent any breaches by the Hairy Beast. Companionship, intimacy, even the smell of the Beast is all a lie. Stand strong, stand with your sisters. Make those wall even higher. Victory is yours. Your life being alone is a testament to purity, the Code works. Happiness is only a few years away.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.