Being a boomer and graduating way back in the last century, I graduated with something $3-4 thousand in debt. Now the average student debt is $30 thousand with many millennial's owing over one hundred thousand of college debt.

It's no wonder millennial's start out not having enough money to get affordable housing since they already spend/owe enough money for a down payment on a full sized house.

The cost a of college education has been going up above the rate of inflation for decades, mostly because of salaries. In the AAUP's annual report on faculty compensation, the **average** compensation is at least 175,000 for a full professor. This is for a nine month a year gig. And all that comes with a huge retirement package if you are able to handle the rigorous demands of working at a college or university ;)

If you want to protest, protest against the people who gave you an education that you can't use to find a good paying job.

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