Being 71 I understand your dilemma. 86% of the deaths are 65+. Retirement is tough when you are told you a no longer needed.

I do differ with you about how changing presidents would make any difference. Our day to day exposure is controlled by local and state government as in your case. Americans are pretty independent and cause harm to themselves. You stayed longer than you should have but you made the right decision.

Avoiding exposure to Covid-19 isn’t a one sized fits decision. The 210 k deaths figure is a bit deceiving . If you are already seriously ill and get covid-19, covid-19 becomes cause of death.

Welcome to medicare having that red, white and blue card is wonderful. Should you be first in line for the vaccine or should a younger person be first ? Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. No matter who is the president expect chaos and then calm after this pandemic is over.

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