"Barrett is a typical right-wing woman -- someone who undermines feminism, even when she herself has benefited from it."

Two observations here -- she was only nominated yesterday how do you know she is a typical anything. I don't think right-wing woman can be bundled into the same box any more than left-wing woman.

You said,

She allegedly said in a speech at Notre Dame she believes life begins at conception.

In fact the speech was about jurisdiction over abortions, individual states or the federal government.

You said

"There is little question that appointing Barrett to the Court would spell the end of Roe v. Wade..."

As they say in court, those facts are not yet in evidence.

You said

"When right-wing women can be used as cudgels against women's right"

Are you saying this category of women are stupid and easily manipulated. That's a gross exaggeration and insulting to women.

The second feminist wave started in the 70s

Actually you are wrong about the second wave feminism. Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique was published in 1963 which started the modern feminist movement. I remember, I was "woke" at the time.

"Putting Barrett on the court would be a victory for one woman only: ACB"

You are leaving out 40% of all conservative woman who might want the appointment. You don't speak for them.

You are particularly unfair to Catholic women approximately 22% of the population

Catholic woman are "helpmeets, nurturers and support systems", "women are best suited to motherhood"

ACB is Catholic and a mother of seven. She is being considered for the highest legal job in America. She must be the only Catholic women in America with any kind of ambition.

Feminist have important ideas to consider, but they aren't memes for all females in this country. This country was founded on equal rights for all, that means progressives and conservatives.

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