"As a working woman, I’m honored to have that privilege."

If work, earning money is your main purpose in life then that's a problem. If you are working at work and then doing part-time jobs you at home you are never "present" for your husband and family. Eventually you will be alone and wonder why.

"And my mother showed me how to be the kind of loving mom who would do everything for her kids and husband"

Let me go against our current culture for just a moment to say your mother had a much better life. She had people who depended upon her and at home time to be nurturing.

Our current culture offers lot of choices. Put a family budget together and eliminate all the extras you don't need. Look at your own attitudes and find ways to forgive or forget those debts you hold for yourself and others. It takes daily effort. Obviously it wouldn't be easy. Great personal effort has great rewards.

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