As a man, I don't think I ever searched for an "outfit". Depending upon the occasion, I pick the first shirt or pair of pants I find in the store or online, check the price and I am done. Fact is my "outfit" is rarely noticed so extra time spend shopping is a waste of time.

On the other hand, women have many more choices in clothing. Every body type has a selection that looks best on that woman. If a woman takes her time and finds what looks best on her she gets the attention she craves. The right hair, the right perfume, the right makeup, the right shoes, the right walk all contribute to the "look" that gets attention.

I can just see the comments woman should not dress for men, it's so wrong. Women don't just dress for men they dress for themselves and other woman too. Other women validate and appreciate a well put together woman. If a woman doesn't look well put together she hears about that too from other women.

Years ago woman were respected for their beauty and nobody had second thoughts about it. Beauty was an end in itself. Today a woman can't dress well and be respected as smart person. You can be both. You can't separate a women's beauty from her intelligence. You don't think about a woman's brain when you see a stranger coming towards you.

As far as objectifying women, the person who most objectifies women is the lady herself, other woman and men in last place. Men aren't that that choosy when it comes to women.

Of course getting along with a woman is a challenge for any man. But that's a whole different topic.

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