"And truthfully, part of me wonders if it’s because men in our culture still aren’t expected to actively participate in child-rearing or the care of aging parents in the same way that women are and therefore, have an expectation of freedom that they’re not willing to part with."

You hear this a lot anecdotally men don't do their share. Actually they do more than their share to maintain the home according to Pew Research.

Dad's total - 61 hours contributed to the household

add another 3.5 hours for a commute (not included)

43 hours at work

10 hours housework

8 hours child care

Mom's total - 51 hours contributed to the household

25 hours at work

18 hours housework

14 hours child care

A mere 5% of women support the home with their one job. 27% male only working with 66% both parents working to support the home. Women work but not as many hours.


You might say men have much more fun working. Really ? You have to perform at a high level to keep your job no matter what gender you are. Keeping a job to support yourself and a few others is just plain stressful.

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