Always glad to hear from you Ms. Valenti. You have your finger on the pulse of toxic masculinity to which I am condemned as a man to be a part of.

You provided a link to a survey as I dutifully followed. 34 % of men always wear a mask, whereas 54 % of women always a mask. 20 % of men never wear a mask and 8% of women never wear a mask. These aren’t huge or overwhelming statistics to support your theory of male toxic masculinity.

Ms. Valenti, you don’t speak for me. I don’t “ adhere to an outdated and dangerous concept of masculinity. “ Personally I try to be safe and respectful of others around me during this pandemic. I always leave the house with a mask. I am not ashamed to wear a mask. I even have common sense that a “typical male" isn’t supposed to have.

My fundamental flaw isn’t being a male. And I try to be tolerant and respectful of all people’s opinions.

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