A change took place in the 70’s. Before that one income was enough but it became gradually obvious women had to work at least partime to support a family.

Betty Friedan was an unhappy upper class woman who made the case that a woman working at home was somehow inferior to a woman working for a paycheck. The fundamental problem with that is a paycheck lasts about two weeks. An investment in children lasts a lifetime even after you are gone.

A job is intended to assist somebody else in meeting their dreams. That’s why they call it work. Equality at work only means women can share in the fiction that work is something that it never was, a lasting relationship that enhances your life. That fiction coming crashing down when you eventually lose your job due to social change.

It’s too bad that women have been sold this bill of goods that spreadsheets are superior to raising human beings. Or that having a man support you is demeaning when so wants to make you happy. Life is shaped by your beliefs. Perhaps it’s time to rethink your beliefs about feminism and those pioneering women that brought you to this state of discontent.

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