A chart depicting income inequality according to Thomas Piketty

From the Cia.gov World Factbook

Distribution of family income — Gini index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a country. The more nearly equal a country’s income distribution, the lower its Gini index, e.g., a Scandinavian country with an index of 25. The more unequal a country’s income distribution, the higher its Gini index, e.g., a Sub-Saharan country with an index of 50. If income were distributed with perfect equality the index would be zero; if income were distributed with perfect inequality, the index would be 100.

There are 174 countries ranked from South…


Selenium is a tool to test web-pages. Modern web-pages have become very complicated with numerous stacks of pages and hundreds of links. Manual testing is tedious and error prone. Having a scripted test ensures that all elements of the web-page are tested in a repeatable fashion.

Selenium started in 2004

Selenium has been successfully testing web-pages since 2004. Selenium 2.0 arrived in 2011, 3.0 in 2016 and Selenium 4.0 was released in 2019. Selenium 4 has the usual bug fixes and feature requests. The Selenium Suite of Tools consists of the Selenium IDE, Webdriver, Grid/Hub and Selenium Side Runner. …

selenium.dev has the answers.

Selenium is a utility available in most languages to test web-pages. Selenium is able to emulate user input and collect information about the state of the web-page. As a web-page changes organically, Selenium can request web-page state and change input as required to continue a series of automated tests.

Selenium only runs with a browser component. The common browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari have ported Selenium versions of their Browser to use in testing and automation. Formerly, you had to find the right versions of these binaries and download them manually. “https://github.com/bonigarcia/webdrivermanager” has information about how this…

This is first in series of articles about testing Web Pages. This first article is background for those of you who are technically curious about the language of the Internet, that language being HTML. If you are already a web programmer you already know this stuff.

The Internet is based on a vast number of servers presenting sites with text based instructions read by the browsers running on our various computers, phones and other devices. The language of the Internet is HTML. …

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The purpose of a virtual environment in Python is to control what modules and versions of modules will be used instead of the global collection of Python modules. You will have developed and tested with a specific set of Python modules. When you release a Python product to either an internal or external customer it may not work unless you control the environment. As sometimes happens, a newer module or earlier version of a module may cause your Project to fail. It’s best to provide the customer with a specific list of Python modules and versions.

This article is about…

Learning programming and database technology


Many of us who have been programming for years feel obligated to share our skills with others. https://www.pythonanywhere.com is ideal for sharing our programming knowledge with younger people who are interesting in either a new career or just want to learn how to program, use a database or learn about making a web page.

This is site offers an environment to learn python, the most popular programming language. This website also allows remote access so students can follow along. You can add as many students as needed who will have remote access to your class. …

git is the most popular Source Control Management (SCM) used in a majority of software projects worldwide. Source Control is the general name for a tool than can manage programming code for software projects. Programming is a group effort with different programmers making unique contributions to a projects. SCM coordinates changes to the many files and folders needed for a project. Occasionally, programmers make changes to the same file. SCM provides tools to coordinate those changes. SCM keeps track of every change in every file, so you can “revert” changes if they introduce bug(s). …

The Amazon Echo Show 10 and an admirer

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Whether it’s a few hours of work or a month of work, users often do not save their work and end up losing it. Years ago when I did desktop support my users did not follow instructions to backup their work. They told me about lost data but I could not help them because they saved their files to a local disk instead of the designated network disk being part of the corporate backup cycle.

Losing a file or a whole project is like a death.

1. Denial : You experience shock and disbelief. Did this really just happen ?

If Ms Markle wanted privacy why did she agree to appear with Oprah Winfrey? She had nothing good to say about her in-laws and the only person she didn't libel was HRM Queen Elizabeth. She lives in a 14.6 million mansion in Santa Barbara. She and Harry signed a contract with Netflix for a series of programs about her and her family. The Queen is a billionaire and apparently has/does the support the life style of the couple. She played the race card yet she didn't identify the offending party. As far as the Royal Family being a patriarchy, that's not even true since the Monarch has been a woman for the last 63 years.

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