2020 is a memorable year but not in good way and hopefully not part of a continuum.

We lost about 200,000 with 86% of the covid deaths over 55 years old, my age group. Kids and workers are stuck at home Zoom-ing and G meeting. Every trip out you need to cover your face. Mom and Pop businesses are closing forever by the thousands. Medical care other than being expensive and confusing has the added dimension of risk of death if you sit next to the wrong person in emergency. RBG is dead and half the country won't like her replacement. Many of our city centers are damaged by arson or graffiti and/or boarded up. Fire season is worst than most years in the far west. And I am extremely bored stuck in the house. Finally, it's an election year, the most important election in our lifetime until the next one in 2024.

2021 is the year of the vaccine if I live that long. I don't know what a convergent narrative is but it sounds bad to be a part of it.

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