0ccassionally I hold open the door for another man and don’t even expect a kiss.

Our fathers and grandfathers had a great deal of respect for women. They took pride in providing for a woman. And yes they put women on a pedestal. Bought them dinner and held the door. Didn’t swear in their presence. They even endured those shopping trips to find them the perfect outfit. They literally killed themselves working long hours to support her and their children if they had any. Many of my father’s friends died soon after retirement from overwork if they made it that far.

I am not being judgmental. But all this talk about oppression of woman is highly exaggerated. You wish you had it so good that you had so much time to pursue your hobbies instead of sweating out the next PowerPoint that will be forgotten by lunchtime.

You can call me old fashioned. But if you were the least bit objective you might consider other lifestyles. Getting out of school only to bust your ass over a career pleasing some boss who only cares about how productive you are can be so depressing.

One last thing. After World War II with Europe and Japan in ruins a man could support his family on one paycheck. Today women need to help provide for the family. Statistics point to the fact women work far less hours at less hazardous jobs. 95% of on the job deaths are male.

Ok let me have it. Tell me how ignorant I am of women’s progress!!!

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